The goal is ‘to create works that articulate public spaces, allowing some form of self-expression in areas of the city that people see every day but normally exclude and ignore’

Working mainly in collage and models, we are investigating the 1:1 spatial opportunities that exist in the UPN precinct. Part installation, part architectural folly, part monument, the project may be described as a component of the city to be inhabited. Each student is to have an individual project, while as a group they will collaborate on the mapping and curating of the precinct strategy.

While not explicit, it is implied that we will demarcate the edges of the UPN precinct, while consciously avoiding the creation of “gateways”. The emphasis is on the creation of a spatial response that uncovers, excavates, reveals a deeper social and urban texture on sites where they have been asked to actively test the creation of a new context.

Each student will present the findings of their investigations, defining more precisely what the (spatial) research question is, the desired performative aspects of the project and a critique of the current status of their project. The deliverables are a 5 minute digital presentation, 2 x A1 panels and models.

This was the interim presentations studio statement issued on Wednesday July 11th 2012


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