• 1:1 Modelling or mapping of the zone. By this I mean a series of “derives or explorations with their bodies which question the territory and all its real or imagined boundaries.
  • To examine the architectural information and lectures etc that they have been subject to and to same time the profound inadequacy of this fundamental research.
  • To formulate an idea, a hunch about a possible future or futures and to give it a name.
  • I totally emphasise the importance of naming the idea.
  • They were asked to interrogate this “naming” in terms of its link or possible link to a driving metaphor which may enrich the internal structure of the idea.
  • The scale of their potential idea had to be destined and was open to them – from a room to the entire city – it was their choice.
  • These exercises are backgrounded by my discourse about “Porosity” and permission to transgress boundaries and proprieties of the city. We all agreed that the UPN is innately impermeable and desperately in need of surgery.
  • It was also grounded in the idea that public space is made or invented.
  • Students were encouraged to name their respective lineage of practice – their heroes – and to understand their position in relation to modernism’s dance with urbanity

Summary of a Summary

  1. IDEA
  2. NAME
  4. SCALE

This was the interim presentations studio statement issued on Wednesday July 11th 2012


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